Arte conceitual de “Guardiões da Galaxia” mostra como foi a criação do personagem de Gamorra

Arte conceitual de “Guardiões da Galaxia” mostra como foi a criação do personagem de Gamorra

jul 31 Will Alvez  

Andy Park, artista conceitual da Marvel, divulgou em seu instagram uma imagem onde mostra o processo de criação da personagem Gamorra de “Guardiões da Galaxia

I've gotten a lot of requests for painting process or tutorials & I don't really have one out there. So here's a simple one for the Gamora painting I did on #guardiansofthegalaxyvol2 By no means am I saying this is THE way to approach your paintings. Heck, I don't even always paint this way. I often start straight in color with broad brush strokes. This is just one way. I hope it helps in some way! I paint using Photoshop. 1) I usually start with a toned middle greyish (or colors tinged) background. Rough in basics. 2) Rough in placement of facial features. No details, just rough placement. Things can always be adjusted later. 3) Add in mid grey tones so it's not just a line drawing. It's the beginning of defining volume. Again still rough. 4) Add in darker tones and refine specific facial features. 5) Add color. There are many ways to do this but in this case I created a new layer and made it an Overlay layer. You have to use it judiciously using mid value range color bc it can easily get overly dark or overly bright fast. 6) Added a quick texture to the background & brightened the entire image using Levels/Curves (I tend to paint too dark). 7) Continue painting opaquely using colors adding detail to the face. Paint in pupils and voila! she comes alive! 8) I brightened it even more & continued to add detailed brush strokes to her face & hair. 9) Final touch- Added her metallic face markings and I'm done! I could easily continue painting the background adding other colors and brush strokes for added interest but time was an issue so this was good enough 🙂 I hope this was helpful in some way. Good luck on your paintings! Show me what u got! 🙂 #gamora #guardiansofthegalaxy #conceptart #portrait #painting #stepbystep #process #tutorial #그림 #미술수업 #미술 @zoesaldana

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